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Who was Harold Hodge?

Harold Hodge was the leading scientist who created the data showing fluoride's harmlessness in the doses they planned to administer to the nation’s water supplies.  In the late 1990s, Joel Griffiths and Christopher Bryson unearthed documents regarding Hodge’s involvement.

During 1944 there was an accident at du Pont, and a cloud of deadly hydrogen fluoride was released into the air. When added to water, hydrogen fluoride becomes hydrofluoric acid, one of the most dangerous acids known.

The fluoride clouds sailed away to farms downwind, the affected farmers in Gloucester and Salem counties, famous for their high quality produce, sued the federal government after the war.  They were stifled in their lawsuits against du Pont and the Manhattan Project, largely because all the data regarding the damage done was kept secret.

Harold Hodge, the Nuclear Connection, and Our Brains:

Recently declassified documents show Harold Hodge’s active role in the government’s damage control effort.

In a secret Manhattan Project memo dated March 1, 1946, Hodge, who was the Manhattan Project’s chief toxicologist for fluorine studies, wrote to the Manhattan Project's medical division chief, Colonel Stafford Warren. Hodge expressed his concern regarding the toxicity of fluorine and the New Jersey incident.  Hodge outlined four major areas of concern:

1.      “A question of injury of the peach crop in 1944.”

2.      “A report of extraordinary fluoride content of vegetables grown in this area.”

3.      “A report of abnormally high fluoride content in the blood of human individuals residing in this area.”

4.      “A report raising the question of serious poisoning of horses and cattle in this area.”

Shortly after the farmers sued, the federal government mobilized tremendous resources to counteract the farmers' efforts. If the farmers prevailed in court, America’s entire nuclear program could have been threatened.

In a memo from Colonel Cooper Rhodes of the Manhattan Project, they were:

“Making scientific investigations to obtain evidence which may be used to protect the interest of the Government at the trial of the suits brought by owners of peach orchards in ... New Jersey.”

References: “Air Pollutants Affecting the Performance of Domestic Animals,”
~ By Lillie, Robert J

US Department of Agriculture Handbook No. 380, August 1970. Page 41
See also: “The Fluoride Question, Panacea or Poison?” chapter 6 ~ By Gotzsche

Hodge also co-wrote a chapter on fluoride toxicity, in the book "Fluoride and Dental Caries".

Hodge’s co-author on the toxicology chapter was Frank Smith from the University of Rochester. Smith co-authored many works with Hodge and was active in producing/massaging data to protect industry and government from liability claims.

See: “The Fluoride Deception” ~ By Christopher Bryson (Page 62)

In their work, Smith and Hodge stated that “No substantive evidence of ill health has ever been offered in children or adults as a result of consuming drinking water containing optimal concentrations of fluoride.”

Newbrun, Ernest, ed.  Fluorides and Caries Prevention; Page 212

They also wrote “Since the Danish experience (in the 1930s) crippling Fluorosis in an industrial setting has never been seen in the United States or Europe.”

Newbrun, Ernest, ed.  Fluorides and Caries Prevention; Page 206

People becoming violently ill from du Pont’s fluoride cloud are invisible victims, at least to the public, when Hodge and Smith wrote their masterpiece of disinformation. The worst air pollution disaster in U.S. history happened in October 1948 in Donora, Pennsylvania, when an air inversion layer formed over the town for four days, and fluoride emissions from U.S. Steel’s zinc and steel facilities killed twenty people and seriously injured hundreds more.

If the inversion layer had lasted one more day, a thousand people may have died.  U.S. Steel and the PHS conspired to cover-up the disaster, with records missing to this day.

Reference: See Christopher Bryson’s
“The Donora Fluoride Fog: A Secret History of America's Worst Air Pollution Disaster”
(In the fall 1998 issue of Earth Island Journal)

Note: He also devoted chapter 9 of The Fluoride Deception to that event.

The tremendous blind spots regarding fluoride polluters, diet and caries, the severe biases regarding the harm done by fluorides, and Hodge’s secret mission on behalf of the nuclear establishment rendered Fluoride and Dental Caries virtually worthless, except as an instructive exercise in propaganda.

With the now-known nuclear industry’s active though secret management of the fluoridation issue, books such as Fluoride and Dental Caries are examples of “pseudoscience” in the strongest sense.

1945 – Shortly after World War 2

During the Presidency of Harry S. Truman, Oscar Ewing, who was the legal counsel to ALCOA aluminum, was appointed director of Social security, in charge of the U.S. 'Public Health System' (P.H.S.).

Soon after this, Mr. Ewing was appointed to the President Truman's cabinet.

'Mr. Oscar Ewing' was bribed $750,000 by the Aluminium Company of America (Alcoa) to promote adding fluoride to the water supply.

Oral History Interview with Oscar R. Ewing ~ By J.R. Fuchs
A transcript of a tape-recorded interview conducted for the 'Harry S. Truman Library'.
Paragraphs 237 ~ 242

In the book "Murder by Injection" ~ By Mullins Eustace, it has been stated that the Rockefeller's paid Ewing’s astronomical salary at Alcoa in order to set up his tenure at the Federal Security Agency.

In the book “Dumbing Us Down” ~ By John Gatto, it is also mentioned that John Rockefeller also rebuilt the 'University of Chicago' to his likening, where Sears and Harper, the primary designers of our modern day schools, came from.

In his book, he claims that they were the “instruments of scientific management of a mass population.”

'John Gatto' openly admits that today’s American school system was designed by robber barons a century ago, and that the phrase “Dumbing Us Down” has been the goal of the American school system ever since.

Reference: “Dumbing us Down” Page 26 ~ By John Gatto.

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