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What does Fluorine do to humans?

"Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons, probably because of their capacity to modify the metabolism of cells by changing the permeability of the cell membrane and by inhibiting certain enzyme systems. The exact mechanism of such actions is obscure."

- Journal of the American Medical Association, Sept 18, 1943.
(Before the propaganda steamroller really got going in 1947)

"The fluoride ion exerts its toxic effect by inhibiting the action of many enzyme systems."
- Hugo Theorell, M.D., Nobel Prize winner for his research in the field of enzyme chemistry.

"We ought to go slowly.  Everybody knows that fluorine and fluorides are very poisonous substances and we use them in enzyme chemistry to poison enzymes, those vital agents in the body.  That is the reason things are poisoned; because enzymes are poisoned, and that is why animals and plants die."

- James B. Sumner, Director of Enzyme Chemistry, Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition, Cornell University, and a Nobel Prize winner for his work in the field of enzyme chemistry.

"The data indicated that drinking water with as little as 1 PPM shortened the life span of mice an average of nine per cent.  This was true whether death was due to cancer or non-cancerous diseases.

The only notice proponents of fluoridation gave to this work was to discredit it as much as possible. ...

In experiments where the drug was added directly to suspensions of cancer tissue before inoculation into eggs or mice, sodium fluoride stimulated the growth of cancer tissue in concentrations of one part in more than 20 million.

Scientists at Cambridge University (British Medical Journal, Oct 26, 1963) discovered that concentrations of sodium fluoride as low as one part in ten million inhibited the growth of a culture of human tissue. ... The growing weight of scientific evidence that water-borne fluorides, even at 1 PPM, have toxic possibilities must finally be recognized."

~ Alfred Taylor, Ph.D., Clayton Foundation, Biochemical Institute, University of Texas, Austin Texas, 1965.

"The terrifying conclusion of the studies was that fluorine greatly induced a cancer tumor growth.

If doctors and the public can be made aware of this catastrophe, fluoridation shall end quickly.  It will someday be recognized as the most lethal and stupid "Health Program" ever conceived by the mind of man, witch doctors and blood-letters not accepted."

"In 1969 the country of Sweden intended to fluoridate their water supply due to the strong advice of Professor Yngve Ericsson, a Swedish dentist who was also the senior representative on the World Health Organization's Expert Committee on Fluoridation.  However, it was then found that Professor Ericsson coincidentally was the holder of two highly-profitable patents on fluoride toothpaste!"

~ Alfred Taylor, June 13, 1970 the Gothenburg Post (Sweden); August 5, 1970 the News Register (Sweden); and May 1, 1970 Norsk Folkehelselag (Norway).

"In 1978, the West German Association of Water and Gas Experts rejected fluoridation for legal reasons, and because ‘the so-called optimal fluoride concentration of 1mg/liter is close to the dose at which long-term damage to the human body is to be expected.’" - Chemical and Engineering News, August 1, 1988.

Christopher Bryson unearthed original research that Kettering performed in the 1950s, which showed that inhaling airborne fluorides caused an emphysema-like condition, something that countless Americans downwind from fluoride facilities have suffered from.  Kettering buried the research results because they came up with the “wrong” answer, but did not have “national security” to cover their tracks, so Bryson discovered it in his research.

See “The Fluoride Deception” Chapter 15, Pages 184-201 ~ By Christopher Bryson

Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride

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