Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fluoridation: Dogmatic Science? ~ By George Glasser

I also picked up on the fact that most of the chemistry was based on experiments done in laboratories under controlled conditions using double distilled/deionized water, a 99.97% regent grade sodium fluoride, and not with typical treated tap water and the actual products used to fluoridated the drinking water.

First off, I was extremely suspect about the use of the fluoridation chemical which captured fluorosilicate-laden fumes from phosphate fertilizer production. (Industry term: “Scrubber liquor.”)

The ‘fluoride ion’ being the most electronegative isn’t just going to remain a lone ion waiting to attach itself to somebody’s tooth with all the reactions going on in the water and minerals to combine with in spite of what the esteemed fluoridation scientists say.

The fact of the matter is that the fluorosilicates are only an additive to the tap water; the actual product is tap water which contains other additives and inherent contaminants. The tap water is the end product on which any safety research should be based.

Unfortunately, for the public, the fluoridation scientists don’t seem to comprehend that and just keep their eyes on the fluoride ion. There is absolutely no relationship to reality between the fluoridated water you drink from the tap and the fluoridation research water except the generic “Fluoride Ion” and 99.9% pure H2O. Tap water is a chemical soup.

Consequently, no scientist with a modicum of intelligence or integrity would make an unequivocal statement to the effect that tap water fluoridation safety has been proven beyond a doubt – it’s a blatant misrepresentation, if not an outright lie.


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